2018 Update (sent early March)

Hey everybody! I know it has been a little while since my last update, things have been busy in a really good way. I do have a week and a half off so I'm taking advantage to send a little newsletter. 

Bucket list items this year have been something that I can't really say much besides (somewhat of a Christian-cliche but 100% true). 

God is good. (James 1:17). 

We'd known about going down and playing at the stockyards (White Elephant Saloon) in Ft. Worth for a while, opening for Chance Ray and the Good Sinners (winner of the Ranch Factor in 2016 in Ft Worth). What we didn't know was that it would be a packed house and possibly one of the most fun shows we had played as a band so far, Chance and the boys killed it as always and we had a blast playing and watching too. 

Charley B's is a new venue in town (several years old now) that I've had my sights on playing but haven't pushed too hard because we simply don't have a big enough following to play a 2200 cap venue. But when we were approached about opening for Mike Ryan, I jumped on it immediately. If you haven't heard of Mike Ryan yet, he is killing it in the Texas Music scene, and had a huge crowd that we as a full band were able to play. 

Our biggest crowd yet, and it went off without a hitch. That type of exposure can really accelerate a music career, and we are eternally thankful. But that wasn't the last time we played Charley B's. 

Parker McCollum (also a big up-and-comer in the Texas music scene) was coming to town shortly after Mike Ryan. We were approached mere days prior to open for them, and there were several conflicts with our band so we couldn't all make it. I floated the idea of just opening solo acoustic with my guitar, and they were good with it. Friday morning before the show, it sold out. Only a few VIP tickets left, all general admission were gone. I got up there and played some originals and some classic country 2-steppers and really made a splash, had a lot of compliments and really built my confidence in performing, for a 2200 person crowd it was a little nerve-racking, but I got over it. One of the coolest parts was when we all sang The Matador Song, as a Tech alum I was pretty proud of that moment. Whole crowd with me, even raised up on tippy toes altogether during that part of the song all Tech grads know I'm talking about. 

We're incredibly thankful that Charley B's has taken a chance on us, it really means a lot! 

This has been a long update, I appreciate ya'll reading. Most of you know we've been in the studio as a full band for the first time ever, including our time as "The Kirks". Working with Scott Faris (Flatland Cavalry, Jenni Dale Lord) at Amusement Park Studios in Lubbock has been everything we expected and more. Today we decided the first single was ready, and will be sent off to be mastered for radio today or Monday. What I haven't told ya'll that it is actually a song that most of ya'll will know. "Bury Me In A Pine Box" will be released to Texas radio as soon as possible. It was originally recorded on a shoe string budget as a demo, and I released it anyway. To me it's like a last will and testament, but also an anthem for life, as much as death. If there were a song that would define my songwriting and my beliefs, this would be the one. So as a solo artist, putting my best foot forward will be my personal favorite song re-recorded, formerly known only as "Pine Box". Not sure if I'll take the original down or not, let me know what ya'll think about that, we can always make it available for download for the hardcore fans who've been with us from the beginning. 

We are currently without a drummer, Paul Boring has been with us since the very beginning, with only a brief stint where he didn't play drums for us, and with recent family circumstance (you can ask him about it), has decided that it would be best to commit his time to that, and we as a band 100% support that decision. Michael Vann has filled in and will fill in on a few shows in the meantime, which has been awesome, but we are looking for a permanent replacement also. Also, Jack Adcock has come on board as a bass player and vocalist, and we have really enjoyed having him. 

Also, with the budget of doing a studio production and promotion on an album, we are considering doing a Kickstarter campaign or something of that nature to crowdfund the whole project. Thoughts on that? Let me know! 

Couldn't do any of this without ya'll, feel free to give any feedback at all, we definitely appreciate it! 


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