2018 (sent out in January)

Hey guys, ya'll are the cream of the crop, our bread and butter, and I just want to personally say thanks for hitting the button to join this email list. We're playing a few firsts in this month of January and a few more throughout the year, after playing Alpine, TX for the first time on New Year's, we're expanding. Denton (shout out), Fort Worth, Turkey, San Angelo, and on top of all that, we get one of our very first big opening slots for the one and only Johnny Lee at The Coyote Store in Gail in June! So much to look forward to, we're going into the studio this Saturday to record for the first time as a performing band, and we'll be putting that single out asap and promoting it to radio to get the word out about us, we're not messing around anymore, it's gonna be a blast. 

That being said, we really appreciate all of the support, if you see a venue on this picture or rather, you don't see one, please let us know and put us in touch with the right people. We're also doing private events now, and I'm open to the concept of doing a house concert just about anywhere in the state and possibly even outside of it, as long as you can get enough friends to chip in $10 or $15 a piece, we could go anywhere! I can personally guarantee you won't be let down. 

As I move forward as a solo artist, the band has essentially not changed for over a year. Hartlee and I did a few limited shows together prior to moving back to Texas, and a handful before we got busy with Anderson here, but she is still my biggest help in writing/checking songs as I write and work them into tunes. 

One last thing, my faith in Jesus Christ has always been a huge part of my story if not THE biggest part of my story. It (my faith, etc.) pops up in songs, as many of you well know, pretty often. I will continue to do that, but moving forward I want to write more about real life and the pain and the struggles and love and success and redemption, and all that goes with it. Jesus went to the well in the middle of the day when only the dredges of society were there, and spoke with a woman who was essentially an outcast, and spoke truth to her. I want to do the same, cause it is the sick who need doctors, not the healthy. 

We appreciate your love and support in making music, I love when you reach out about a song or something we've done and give feedback of any kind, feel free to do so! Love ya'll. 

P.S. Planning on making caps soon with a JRK logo or something on it, if anybody is talented at that kind of stuff, hit me up! Snapback or nah? Not a fan of flatbills tbh... :/ 
P.P.S - Sorry if it seems like I have run-on sentences or lack grammar of any kind, I've been reading a lot of Cormac McCarthy lately, and if you've ever read any of his stuff, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

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