1. Hung the Moon

From the recording Western Holler

I was still wet behind the ears, naïve and not so stable, when I saw a good looking woman, dollar bill dancing on a table. I gave her my jacket and I took her hand and we headed out into the night. Left town behind so we could see the stars, she said it was her first time

*She’s never been with any other man, she thinks That I hung the moon. I live by the rule of low expectations, gonna marry that girl come June.

It was our second date, took her down to the tank, with peanuts in a pop bottle. Toting fishing poles and holding hands, had the country boy charm full throttle. I saw her bare back running down to the water, where had I seen this before? Like blowing ashes off of coals, can’t get much hotter, I don’t care I just want some more.*

Put on your best dress so you can take off your best dress, pretty mama just say it with your chest. I wanna feel your breath wanna feel your caress, here’s my body can ya put it to the test.*