1. Old Old Story

From the recording Western Holler

*I'm living inside an old, old story, I go there each night in my mind. Then I wake up this side of purgatory, the truth alone is keeping me alive.

I can see my kitchen, mama turning out the lights, a vision so clear, that's my only alibi. That's the last thing I recall, and it's their word against mine. I was sleepy but I know I made it home that night.*

The jury box was packed, play your hand as it lies, two witnesses both said they saw the blood on mine. I tried to wash it off, I even smelled the lye. I'd never seen that woman or that house in my life, and for all I knew that blood could've been mine.*

Well the warden is kin to the judge, and the warden was the groom to that bride. But the warden don't know my mother came for visitation, and my mother was there that night. But they threw her off the stand, cause they framed the wrong man, and the warden had a skeleton to hide. So I stare at four walls and creep towards madness, and now I wait for them to take my life. Then there won't be nothing to hide.*