1. Takes You Home

From the recording Western Holler

Worn out belt buckles and a ring with the weight of the ages. Mama said give it to a girl, that keeps you turning the pages. Now you’ve left it here with me, in this house all alone. I never knew how heavy it’d feel, such a simple stone.

*So why don’t you say, you long for the thrill of the chase and at your age, still got every man looking your way. Honey just know, it ain’t the one you dance with, it’s the one who takes you home.

I’d fight any man if you’d let me, to win back your heart. Saying you sometimes still want me, only deepens the scar. There ain’t nothing better than loving the one that you love. Chasing the fire of a fling, will never be enough.*

I tell myself there’s a reason, you still come around. But the high can only wake up, to the coming back down.*