1. The Candle

From the recording Western Holler

I hang my head waiting for a second wind that’ll never come. Every ounce of grit that I can muster, to work 'til the morning sun. And the weight on my shoulders shows no sign of letting up. So I double down and say a prayer, only God knows what.

*Burning both ends of the candle, I’m willing and able, to do what I gotta do for my family. When I fly off the handle, while we’re sitting at the table, oh Lord come and sanctify me, burning both ends of the candle.

Fighting fear of failure, I got no time for feeling blue. When you love someone you’ll do anything, to make their dreams come true. She taught me that, and knew I’d come around. She would lift me up, though I’d put her down.*

I may never sleep 'til I’m dead. The good book says only a fool will waste away in bed. The American dream may be to work yourself to death, by God, I can only do my best.*