1. Saved My Life

From the recording Western Holler

I remembered how the game was supposed to work, I walked up to the pretty girl in the skirt, offered my hand and led her out on the floor. Held her close but not too tight, it was a little too much for this heart of mine, I’d come here tonight for one dance more. She two-stepped closer with a tear in her eye, I didn’t know she’d been hurting inside

*So I held her all night so she could hold it together, with a little small talk about the weather. Sometimes she’d hug me tight, didn’t mean to make her buckle shine. She’d glance around like she’d seen a ghost, I’d say it’s alright and I’d hold her close. She thought she needed me that night, but she’s the one that saved my life.

I was unsteady it’d been a long time, holding a woman so sweet and kind, but it’d been 5 years since I’d lost mine. I thought the pain would never dull, I’d planned to leave at the end of a rope, but she held me soft and just wouldn’t let me go. I guess two broken hearts can make a whole, and a lovely, lonesome woman can help you find your soul. *

I couldn’t help but notice she was well-endowed, but I pushed that thought away for now, she bit her lip and looked into my eyes. I looked away and felt her tremble, I’d never seen lonely look so beautiful, we slow danced 'til they turned on the lights.*